Two Peace is a reggae/hip-hop band originally from Davenport, IA now residing in Sacramento, CA.

The band was formed in late 2011 but the story started a little prior to that. Vocalist and keys man, Nick Harksen, was pursuing  his own musical journey as a solo artist. He released his first solo album “Ya Gotta Feel It” in 2009 and ironically enough Jacob Hahn (Bass man for Two Peace) had bought his very first copy. The friendship continued and while at a music festival in Alabama, Jacob got inspired to pick up the bass again and asked Nick if he could join him on his musical path. Nick agreed and Two Peace was born!

Two Peace played the local scene and all over the midwest for a couple of years opening for bands such as Easy Star All-Stars, Passafire, John Wayne and The Pain, and Natty Nation to name a few.

In 2014 Two Peace went to the California Roots Music Festival as fans, and decided that California is where they belonged and never looked back. After a few weeks of camping in their van and searching for jobs and a place to stay, Two Peace found their new home in Sacramento, CA. Since then they have played many shows all over Northern California opening for bands such as, Katchafire, Morgan Heritage, Alborosie, The Skints, The Green, Jesse Royal, Fortunate Youth, The Expanders, House of Shem and many other top reggae acts. Two Peace has toured the west side of the nation opening for bands such as EarthKry, Ital Vibes, J Ras, and The Riddims. They have also gone on 3 national summer tours of their own starting in California, traveling back to the Midwest to reunite with all of their hometown fans, and then back to California, stopping in many cities and states along the way. This is a regular occurrence every summer.

Two Peace is taking their music to the next level and can’t wait to see what the future holds.